Bangalore进出口货物报关 发到India

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Bangalore进出口货物报关 发到India

Growing business opportunities in the world need to be fast and reliable in order to meet consumer demand. Whether you run a cross continent large enterprises, or want to compete in a new environment, a small organization, we can meet your growing demand for shipping. We provide a wide range of shipping services to more than 220 countries and regions, including documents, parcels and delivery of heavy goods. With the specified time service and the specified date, you can rely on the reliable, fast and punctual service provided by us.
  Shanghai aibang International Logistics Co., Ltd and several airlines to establish good relations of cooperation, professional agent: DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx, EMS, Sagawa, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan line, middle east line, Europe and the United States lines, such as air france green! Can be a guest the user provides a variety of flight choices, to meet the needs of customers from various export port of goods. To provide customers with fast and accurate delivery of goods, the way and the arrival of the information service. Affordable, timely accurate. We are adhering to the "speed of development, in order to survive in good faith for the purpose of service, according to the different needs of customers, and dedication to customers to create the most cost-effective, the most efficient, the most secure transport channels, with customers to establish a solid working relationship. As the market continues to change, we will continuous innovation to meet customer needs, based on the company's own network to strive for excellence, to meet the needs of the vast number of customers at different levels.
  Shanghai aibang International Logistics Co. Ltd. to provide door to door, door to door service, on the table, you do not need to go out. Just dial the phone, and the rest will be done by us. From the beginning to the end, each link, each stage, are carefully operated, honest and dependable to provide you with fast, high quality, safe, accurate professional courier service. Let no distance, service unlimited extension!
Shanghai AIBANG International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a freight forwarding company approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China. The company is committed to the Ro Ship Ro and bulk cargo ship, charter business, shipping business as the core, mainly to undertake to the world's ports and bulk cargo, groceries. The company also agents of port and customs as the ground receiving all in one service.2015 brand new start, a new height, believe in the power of financial Jun believe that the strength of the company to grow together with you.2015 new open in Kenya, Vietnam, Zambia Shuangqing servicesbusiness scope:一、bulk cargo ship businessMajor undertaking of the goods: engineering machinery and equipment (construction equipment, road construction equipment, engineering vehicles, loaders, pressure roller, bulldozer, buses, etc.) complete sets of equipment (steelmaking equipment, cement equipment, road equipment, water supply equipment, etc.), steel (steel, I-shaped steel and H-shaped steel, channel steel, steel pipe, seamless pipe, ball graphite cast pipe, galvanized pipe, oil casing, wire rod, rib steel, rolled steel, outline structure, etc.) and other export commodities.二、Ro Ro Ship businessMainly to undertake the goods: cars, engineering vehicles, trucks, buses, heavy trucks, etc..三、Port ground agent serviceBulk cargo port ground agent, has the absolute advantage, the port of Shanghai, Tianjin, Longkou can四、Container ship businessMajor undertaking of the goods: LCL goods, small appliances, textiles, furniture, general merchandise, building materials and other goods are shipped in containers (including open top boxes, frames, boxes and other)五、Foreign customs clearance businessMainly to undertake: Angola, Kenya, Vietnam, Zambia, Southeast Asia routes can provide DDU\DDP and customs clearance servicesOur purpose: to allow customers to save money, worry, effort.